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  • Current Northville Backyard Landscaping Project: 6-8-12

    The next couple of weeks we will be in Northville completing a new backyard landscape along with an overhaul of the front landscape.  We will take you on a trip from initial landscape designs to construction and ending with the completed project.  Here are some before photos and design along with the start of construction: BEFORE:   DESIGN:

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  • Current Plymouth Backyard Landscaping Project: 5-10-12

    Last week we finished up one of our Plymouth, MI backyard landscape design projects.  Here are some pictures to showcase our install of this unique and beautiful backyard, equipped with a granite bar and island with built in BBQ grill and refrigerator , for some  very satisfied clients. This is a completely unsolicited email that we received the day after this project was completed from our plymouth landscaping client. "Andy, our backyard landscape looks truly fantastic. Your ...

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  • Landscape Install: Return on Investment

    Do you believe a kitchen or bath remodel will bring a bigger ROI (Return on Investment) percentage to your home?  Time to re-evaluate.  Landscape re-design is the highest percentage ROI of all home remodeling.  The internet is littered with articles that have numbers ranging from 70% all the way to 200%.  That’s right, 200% according to Money Magazine, with the average being about 150%.   Here’s the deal.  ...

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  • Current Project 1: 5-7-12

    Today we are back in Plymouth, MI and the bar and grill has been finished off with some unique granite.  Here are some pictures and video to showcase our process.

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  • Outdoor Living: Your Backyard Landscape Design

    Backyard living, in recent years, has exploded in popularity and demand for the proverbial “bigger and better”.   Landscape designers are drawing it, manufacturers are building it, and the homeowners love it.  Executive Landscape’s designers and building crews have stayed ahead of the bubble by installing beautiful outdoor spaces all across Oakland County for excited and happy customers.  By utilizing new concepts and different materials, we can create a ...

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  • Current Project 1: 5-3-12

    Today we are in Plymouth, MI and we are installing a beautiful bar and grill along with a surrounding landscape.  We take great pride in our precision from design to reality.  Here are some pictures to showcase our process.   Design: Construction Documentation     Project Site: Pre-Install/ Planning   Construction: Installation of Bar and Grill

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  • 3D Landscape Designs- Industry Leading Landscape CGI

    Executive Landscape is proud to roll out a new designing method for 2012.  The new design plans will feature extremely accurate two-dimensional layout plans and also CAD three-dimensional imaging.  Unlike other software, we create “real life” imaging that details the entire plan with pinpoint accuracy.   Starting your project off by meticulously designing the plan will help ensure the entire landscape installation will run efficiently and smoothly, which lowers the overall price of the project.  Our models are designed with ...

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  • Landscape Re-Design: Updating Your Current Landscape

    If you feel like your landscape resembles a pasture or maybe even a jungle, it is time to add some curb appeal and update the design of your landscape.  Executive Landscape understands your feelings and we are eager to help you in your quest for a landscape design that provides beauty, elegance, color, and functionality.  Our design, installation, and maintenance teams are not only educated and professional, but also exceedingly experienced in these areas.   Curb Appeal First ...

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  • Choosing The Right Plants for Your Landscape Redesign Project

    Landscape design is an activity that enhances the attraction of your outdoor space. Landscape redesign is a project where changing the different areas of your yard helps enhance the creativity and beauty of your home. Different kinds of shrubs, plants, flowers, and any other kinds of vegetation can ...

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  • Landscape Redesign Tips from Executive Landscape in Northville, Michigan

    A large number of people today are tending to focus on interior design. They recognize that striking areas are not only pleasing to create but are also a lot more enjoyable to spend their time in. However, exterior of your home and specifically, your landscape is equally as important. When people are visiting or ...

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