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Choosing The Right Plants for Your Landscape Redesign Project

Posted at November 21, 2011 | By : | Categories : Landscape Redesign | 0 Comment

Choosing the Right Plants for Your Michigan Landscape Redesign Landscape design is an activity that enhances the attraction of your outdoor space. Landscape redesign is a project where changing the different areas of your yard helps enhance the creativity and beauty of your home. Different kinds of shrubs, plants, flowers, and any other kinds of vegetation can assist in brightening up your yard and make your home feel more taken care of. With that being said, it is important to make sure you chose the right kind of plants for your yard.  If you chose the wrong kinds, your yard may look untamed, not taken care of, and neglected.

Have you ever noticed that plants are usually surrounding houses? A trick for choosing plants that will surround your home is to make sure you select plants that do not turn into weeds.  Having plants that contain weeds, will only result in more work on you! Although these plants can be very beautiful, having your home surrounded by weeds that are untamed is not acceptable. Not to mention “de-weeding” can often take up a lot of time. Look for plants that will go along good with other plants. Remember, not all plants are able to survive in all sorts of weather conditions. Look for plants suitable for all the different weather conditions that will be headed your way.

Another factor to remember is trying to coordinate the color and style of your house.  Find plants that enhance the aesthetics of your house.

For example, if there are some aesthetics that stand out on your home, try and coordinate with the plants that you select. This will ensure that your plants and home go hand in hand with one another. When selecting a place to plant your plants, make sure that they are positioned in a way that it is easy to water them.  There are also plants that need more sunlight than others, so it helps to read the requirements for growth!  Take your time with planting and have fun!  It should be a relaxing activity, not a stressful one.

Another feature of any yard is the lawn. The appearance of the lawn is very important and it should look impressive. Work hard on your lawn and keep it beautiful. It helps if one works smarter while planning. There are different types of grass. Take some time and do some research. Try and find grass that stays green through out the year or preferably in the warm season. This increases the chances of the lawn staying green through out the year. Summers are when most of the people do not maintain their lawns. Get a lawn with a turf underlay. This way you won’t be depending on just irrigation. This also helps in the grass laying down some roots. Try and reduce the use of fertilizers and artificial products. Maintain the lawn regularly and rake it frequently.

In order to save time and money try selecting plants that can be grown every year. These plants are called perennials.  There are plants that need to be planted every year called, annuals.  These take up time, money, and energy.  So if you don’t have any of those three, chose perennials. When planting the flowers, try and distribute the plants evenly.  If not, it can cause your home to look lop-sided.

Before going out and planting, do your research.  There are many different type of ways to recieve tips; magazines, books, the internet, you name it.  Planting should be fun, so try not to stress over it!