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Outdoor Fireplaces Add Appeal to Michigan Landscape Design

Posted at November 18, 2011 | By : | Categories : Outdoor Living Spaces | 0 Comment

Outdoor Fireplaces Add Appeal to Michigan Landscape DesignHaving an outdoor brick paver fireplace in Michigan makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors anytime of the year. During the fall it can be used to heat an outdoor living area in the privacy in your own home.  We all know that Michigan weather can vary day to day, so having your outdoor area heated can definitely help.  During the summer the architecture can be show cased both inside and out to provide a beautiful landscape that continues to enhance your outdoor living space.

Outdoor fireplaces allow functional elements and appeal for Michigan landscape design. They are unique and are becoming more and more popular today.  Normally, the outdoor fireplaces are either built onto the home, or they stand alone.  They can serve as functional elements such as seating areas, an outdoor mini bar, outdoor kitchens, and much more.

They can be built to these things or, again, can stand alone. If you have a bigger yard,  outdoor fireplaces can be built further back into the yard as a mini escape.  Sometimes they are built next to different trees or columns that help offer a feeling or tranquility.  Michigan weather is constantly changing, and often time we aren’t able to be outside as much as we would like, and by having an outdoor fireplace it makes it easier to experience the outdoors in different months.

Regarding how the fireplace itself is designed, the inside works similar to indoor fireplaces.  It is shaped in the form of a box, and toy are able to burn wood then same way you would in an indoor fireplace.

However, that is the only similarity.  How?  It’s simple.  When building a fireplace indoors, you are limited to what you can do with it and how it is designed.  When building an outdoor fireplace, the structural possibilities are limitless.  There are so many more things that can be done outdoors compared to the indoors.  This is because they don’t need a supporting wall.  Because chimneys can be built free form, it makes it easier to place in desired areas.  Outdoor fireplaces can be the focus of your backyard or living area.  They also look great when surrounded by hedges or ground cover plants.

One important thing you can expect is by having an outdoor fireplace, your backyard will be aesthetically pleasing.  It will extend then feeling of being inside youre home, to being outside.  It will also make your garden and plants feel like they are more in sync with the inside of your home. It really helps connect the house to the outdoor area in admirable way.

Before starting a project such as this, it is important to inquire some help from a landscape/ brick paver design professional. They will be able to give some of their knowledge and advice and may have tips that you never would of considered!

For more information about a Fireplace for your outdoor living space give Executive Landscape in Northville, Michigan a call at 248-348-8422.