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Outdoor Living: Your Backyard Landscape Design

Posted at May 8, 2012 | By : | Categories : Landscape Redesign | 0 Comment

Backyard living, in recent years, has exploded in popularity and demand for the proverbial “bigger and better”.   Landscape designers are drawing it, manufacturers are building it, and the homeowners love it.  Executive Landscape’s designers and building crews have stayed ahead of the bubble by installing beautiful outdoor spaces all across Oakland County for excited and happy customers.  By utilizing new concepts and different materials, we can create a space unique to any client while maintaining structural integrity and elegance for an affordable price.  The comfort and enjoyment of the indoors can be experienced outdoors in many different ways, but the three main sections are firescape areas, covered patios and pergolas, and kitchen and bars.


Is there a better way to enjoy the summer nights of Southeast Michigan than relaxing by a fire outdoors?  From Unilock’s pre-built fire pits to our handcrafted fireplaces, homeowners have an endless selection of firescaping to add to their outdoor living spaces. 

Covered Patios and Pergolas

While the popularity grows for more outdoor living spaces, as do the design elements.  The addition of a covered patio or pergola allows an outdoor space to be better defined while also providing much needed shade. 

Kitchens and Bars

Do you enjoy entertaining for your friends and family?  As you know, the party always seems to linger in the kitchen and bar areas.  With these outdoor living components, you are able to extend the party to the outdoors with out missing a beat.  With an outdoor space featuring elements from grills and sinks to refrigerators and portable wine racks, a homeowner can create a space that amplifies their personality while staying completely unique to their home.